About Mediation

About Mediation

Divorce Mediation

In mediation, trained professionals help a couple reach a fair settlement that both individuals can accept. By balancing the needs of both people and negotiating compromises, mediators help couples resolve conflicts. There are no winners or losers in mediation.

Divorce mediation builds on the positive aspects of a couple’s relationship. Good divorces are possible, even when spouses begin the process in conflict about many issues.

Mediation guides a couple through negotiations on parenting, spousal support, and property division. Its neutral and nonjudgmental approach makes possible a successful resolution.

Why should people mediate their divorce rather than sue each other and fight it out in court?


Mediation with us offers many advantages:

  • It costs less than traditional lawsuits.
  • Unlike lawyers, our mediators do not collect fees up front. Clients pay fees as they go along.
  • Mediation is less emotionally painful than is a legal battle. Our mediators address the emotional divorce as well as the legal divorce.
  • During all mediation sessions, both members of the couple are present. They can communicate directly and reach agreements more quickly.
  • Each person gets to decide what is in his/her own best interests.
  • Mediation is flexible. The process is tailored to meet each family’s individual needs.
  • We provide a friendly, comfortable setting, where it’s easier to discuss difficult matters.

Do I lose my right to consult a lawyer if I choose to mediate my divorce?

Clients are free to consult with individual lawyers at any time during the mediation process. We encourage clients to consult a lawyer before they sign any agreement.

Can I stop mediation?


Mediation is voluntary. Clients may stop at any time—in the midst of a session or at any time during the process.During a session, a client may leave for a “time out.” All communications will stop until the person returns. At any time during the process, one or both people may decide to stop the mediation. They may do so without any penalty. The mediators also have the right to stop a session or the process if, in their professional opinion, it is no longer appropriate for the couple.

If mediation stops and the individuals get lawyers, then any agreements reached during mediation can be included in the lawsuit only if both parties agree. Otherwise, all discussions start over.