I could never imagine what life for my “our” children would have been like without your help!!  You are a miracle worker!  With your charisma and total dedication you saved our family from total and complete ruin!  Everything you did and said worked!  You were so impartial and I mean that!  Without your help and guidance all would have been lost and had hatred on both sides.  May God Bless You and your services!  You were meant to save families!  Thank you from the bottom of my soul!


Mary exceeded all of my expectations.  She is a caring professional who guided us through a difficult time in our lives and made the process much easier to navigate.  When negotiations began to become difficult she helped us to stay focused on our common goals.  She remained unbiased and offered a variety of options that were mutually beneficial-a true mediator.  We are both extremely grateful for all that she did to help us.

– Anonymous

The assistance we got from the Divorce Mediation Center was very helpful in getting our paperwork together correctly and allowed us to complete the process without delays.  Having your paperwork done correctly is key in getting through the court without issue.  Our day in court, a couple in front of us had poorly completed paperwork and they were sent away by the judge to return another day with it corrected.  I’m glad that wasn’t me.

– P.B.

Mary was very helpful in our divorce mediation process.  It was very easy to go each time with a plan in place, and we were able to come to a peaceful settlement in the end.  Mary is very knowledgeable and allowed our process to move forward more quickly than we thought.

- S.K.

Ms. Healey is direct and thorough.  While being understanding, she keeps the discussion on the issues at hand rather than the emotions, which greatly facilitates the process.  I particularly appreciated the “walk through” of the court day, which ensured there would be no last-minute surprises.  S.K.

– D.C.

“The Mediation Center took a very stressful & trying situation and created a calm environment in which to discuss the terms surrounding our divorce. As a male, working with two women, I felt very much at ease. They conducted themselves as true professionals & looked out for our two children.”