Phase 1. Getting started

  • We explain the mediation process.
  • We clarify expectations for mediators and clients.
  • We discuss your immediate and main concerns.
  • We answer your questions.

Phase 2. For couples with children only: Creating a Parenting Plan

  • We address how to talk with your children about the divorce.
  • We discuss parent-child visitation schedules and custody.
  • We help you negotiate a comprehensive parenting plan.
  • We discuss child support.

Phase 3. Finances

  • We suggest ways to gather your financial information.
  • We help you talk about financial issues.
  • We guide you in negotiating spousal support and the division of your property.

Phase 4. Putting together an agreement

  • We draft an agreement for you and your partner to review and discuss.
  • We make any necessary revisions.
  • We prepare a final agreement.

Each phase usually takes several sessions. All sessions last 1 hour.

We encourage couples to consult experts in accounting, taxes, and financial planning during the mediation process.